Design consulting

At h concept, we help all kinds of creators and businesses to design products with the happiness of the end user in mind. Our creative platform covers all aspects such as product planning, design, manufactruing, distribution, and sales; bringing in specialists from all fields. This goes beyond just consulting and branding. We truly enjoy the process of creating new, worthwhile products together with our clients, along with all the worries and joys that it brings. In our design consultations, we will put together a project team that aims to help you create the best possible product. How do you manufacture products that are so good, customers just have to have them?
The answer is simple. Good quality materials, talented personnel, and above all, passion for our projects leads to products that customers are proud to own.

Business consulting

How about developing or producing with us?
When sending products out into the world, it is necessary to approach it from a variety of angles in order to break even and turn a profit.
This includes marketing stages that assess consumer needs, product design, production methods, costs, packaging, pricing, and so on. Until the moment a product hits the shelves, there is always something to worry about.

Should you consider setting up an original brand? Is it wise to expand business internationally? Should you focus on a select line-up of signature products? Depending on the company or the production areas, success comes in many different forms, meaning that success timelines are also varied. h concept does not operate on a general, catch-all basis, but instead takes into account individual circumstances and methods.

In our network, we are proud to be able to think outside the box, thanks to all of our outstanding designers.
We also benefit from a wealth of industry knowhow, and multiple channels to facilitate sales.

Please feel free to contact us so we can have a chat about your projects.


Everyone hopes to find perfect products to suit their particular requirements. In response to this, we at Iwatani Materials are proud to announce our new design project, “I’m D” a brand devoted to creating functional household goods that will both amaze you and touch your heart.


In most homes, these kinds of products are generally kept out of sight when not in use. However TIDY's fresh combination of functionality and sophistication is designed to make users want to show off their housewares with pride. TIDY makes everyday life more stylish, comfortable and fun for everyone. Tidy up and have fun with TIDY!


Rigidly committed to the Japanese heritage and techniques, “hmny” has kept the Japanese soul alive in its collection. The uncompromising spirit of craftsmanship is felt indeed in fine details. The tradition that has been passed down for 120 years in Kagawa is now reviving with fresh inspirations in products. These timeless pieces that can be cherished over many years to come are sure to convince those who seek genuine and essential quality.


Rigidly committed to the Japanese heritage and techniques, “CORGA” has kept the Japanese soul alive in its collection. The uncompromising spirit of craftsmanship is felt indeed in fine details. It boils down to simplicity in design when we try to create objects for practical use. So let us stick to the basics: We design to bring out the elements intrinsic to objects. We combine multiple facets to create shapes. That is how “CORGA” supports unpretentious, natural life.


“soil” is a range of products made from diatomaceous earth using plastering techniques, which let us directly benefit from the natural breathing material that excels at moisture retention and absorption. We have successfully condensed and packed this natural blessing in the graciously designed articles, which are gentle enough for sensitive skin and highly recyclable. “soil” will help shape a better future in eco-friendly and people-friendly ways.


Based in Asahikawa, the leading furniture production area, “h x TAKUMI” devotes itself to high quality production focused on wood material. As our motto,‘Natural & Craft-Minded’, indicates, we place an absolute emphasis on the originality and the richness of handcrafted articles, and we firmly believe that the extra mile we go with our products is worthwhile.


Enjoy for both cooking and eating. The concept connects ‘EATing to Cooking’ Our goal is to create utensils that ensure uninterrupted enjoyment and ease from the kitchen to the dining table. This notion inspired the creation of the “EAトCO[EAtoCo]” series.


“PATTA” storage solutions are a breeze to set up and put away. Their rough textures and construction bring a rustic, picturesque charm to any home’s decor. We make them with 100% pulp that only grows more attractive with long use.


High quality, high performance, safe Japanese-made silicon products for all ages, the flexible “shupua” series can be used by young children and seniors alike. shupua's anyTIME, anyPLACE, anyAGE motto guarantees to make drinking fun.


Through the desire to support handicapped people through product design, equalto's creators have created products designed for the individual. “equalto” connects creators and consumers in a world where everyone can shine equally brightly.


Arita porcelain has both a 400 year history in addition to technical skills and traditions that has led it to being considered a world leader and influencing Western porcelain and ceramic production. “ARITA JIKI” wants to share its passion and traditional techniques of Arita with modern people and for them to use their products in their daily lives.


“ornament” is a brand that produces one-of-a-kind, limited-edition products that only Yoshida Technoworks could create.Yoshida Technoworks's innovative in-mold technology not only enhances aesthetic value, but revolutionizes the functionality. When we create products, we think of them as new expressions that transcend superficial designs and develop their own intrinsic value.


This series was created as a collaboration between the historic Asakusa district, home to leather production for over 140 years, and the design projects “TOKYO L”. Please enjoy this combination of beautifully crafted leather and brilliant creative direction.


Beautiful, strong, and easy to use, these Bauhaus inspired textiles are made of the original yarn-dyed fabric “plein ete,” which has been loved by many for its high quality since its creation in 1932. Try wearing these beautiful stripes in your day to day life! Just by looking at the products, you can feel that the craftsmanship is unique to JIYU GAKUEN Seikatsu Kougei Laboratory. This is the 2017 “plein ete x h” collaboration series.


A meal can enrich our life, and be a very special moment. It can be a feast for the eyes and soul. Every mealtime can bring us joy. Modern lacquer-ware, while created based on traditional techniques, offers a new kind of beauty that sets it apart from other resin products. “tak” is a tableware brand borne of time-honored artisan techniques and modern technology.

Producing area


Sumida, Tokyo

We have been participating in the “Craftsman Collaboration” project, run by Sumida Ward in Tokyo, since 2010. Creators from around the world pair up with Sumida artisans, and, using the high quality production techniques available to their companies, design and produce products with a distinct Sumida flavor.


Sanjo, Niigata

The “Creator Project” launched in 2011 in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, is a collaboration with Hinoura Hamono. Hinoura Hamono uses traditional techniques passed down since their establishment in the Meiji period, and aim “not for quantity, but for more reliable production methods.” From the forging and molding of the steel, to the polishing and finishing, every single Hinoura Hamono product is of uncompromising quality.


Imabari Towel

Imabari Towel is a favorite in Imabari City for their warm, high quality towels, produced using tried and tested techniques. Just like the city's warm climate and pure, clear streams, Imabari Towel products are steeped in 120 years of history and tradition, and this history combined with constant development has led to a truly advanced end product. We directed this project as part of the 2016 Japan Brand series.


The Ayase Manufacturing Research Association

Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture flourishes as a small-scale factory town in Kanto prefecture. This industrial region is especially famous for machinery production, originally developed in connection with the automobile industry. There are many factories with small numbers of staff spread over four industrial parks, whose technologically advanced products are manufactured with as much care and precision as if they were handmade. “The Ayase Manufacturing Research Association” was founded by business owners of small and medium enterprises in order to promote these high standards of local production and boost the region.

kinshai! Arita

Ceramics fired in the cities of Imari, Takeo, and Ureshino in Saga Prefecture are called “ARITA JIKI”, after the nearby town of Arita. The theme of these ceramics is “a large region as seen through small plates,” with a focus on 26 potteries and 16 artisans. We introduced these small, laboriously crafted ceramics to the world through books, and through the POP-UP STORE, which has travelled throughout Japan.


We developed several type of leather products with the Japan Brand GROBE DESIGN project when it was launched in 2004 in collaboration with Higashikagawa City in Kagawa Prefecture, the producer of 90% of all leather gloves made in Japan.

Tsubame, Niigata

Since the beginning of the Edo period, Tsubame City in Niigata has been at the forefront of Japan's metalwork scene. Using this experience and highly advanced techniques, Japanese metalwork has become beloved the world over. In 2012, h concept acted as Design Coordinator for the Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry's “Supplier Product Development Project.”

Trade shows

What is the best way to send a message to the consumer through a product?

From design consulting to selling the product itself,
use the know-how and the design direction cultivated by our company managed shop “KONCENT.” From drafting a concept, through branding, trade shows, sale follow-ups, all the way up to press correspondence, we can support you in a wide variety of ways.

Trade shows
Interior Lifestyle Tokyo / Kuramaeten / Milan Design Week / NY NOW / ambiente / MAISON&OBJET

Retail sales and Marketing
KONCENT / +d fair / h concept works fair

Web promotion
Makuake Crowdfunding

International sales
Distributor / Sales assistance / Overseas exhibition events

About design consulting
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