This is a message.
Based on the concept that all things are connected by design we bring to the world the message of designers to consumers through our unique “+d” brand that originates in Japan. 

Thank you for the good design

Our designers, manufacturers and sellers…
Each one brings happiness to you with a smile through their daily perspective.
We are hoping to make you happy and add more joy and color to your life.
+d is a message from the designer.

Do you have an idea that you want to make a reality?

We do not just consider the idea behind a project, but its entire life cycle, from the shape it takes, to the way it is displayed in stores, right up until the moment it falls into the hands of the customer.

Take, for example, Animal Rubber Bands, the first of h concept’s commercial projects. A product from Haneda and Ohashi of Passkey Design, we worked with the design studio every step of the way, assisting with production, color, materials, packaging, and marketing.

We even chose New York as the place to debut their product.
First seen in the famous Design Store at the New York City Museum of Modern Art, buyers were immediately interested in the Animal Rubber Bands.
The smiles on buyers’ faces as they discovered the rubber bands were absolutely unforgettable.

Although the most well known retailers are the MoMA Museum shop and the Conran Shop, Animal Rubber Bands are sold in various other museum shops, boutiques, and interior shops.

Since then, we have been supporting designers’ ideas, polishing the creation process, and thinking about new ways to breathe life into products.

The world is our market.

Let us give life to your ideas.
Broadcast your vision to the world.

Come and chat with us about your ideas.

For designers
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